Thursday, 1 November 2012

Costa Coffee…. You Purveyor of Autumnal Cakey Deliciousness!


Date: 01/11/12

Background: “Pinch Punch, First of the Month!” Happy November Everybody! With it being half term, it is high time my Mum does her family Christmas shopping, and because Birmingham is a very good place to shop, her and my Pa came and we ventured to hit the town! Coffee time meant Costa, and I simply could not resist this delicious looking muffiny treat!

What: Gingerbread Muffin

Where: Costa Coffee Shop, The Bull Ring, Birmingham

How Much?: £1.80 (To take away is £1.50)

What was Good: It was so cute! Seeing the gingery muffin topped with a sweet caramel fondant and adorable decorative iced gingerbread man, really made me NEED to buy this muffin! I saw it, I wanted it! Naturally with good gingerbread, the cake itself was soft, moist, dense but not cloy-y, with a subtle spicy ginger flavour. The golden syrup heart was a wonderful surprise! It was sweet but tangy and smooth, but in my opinion was not much! The highlight of this confectionary wonder for me was probably the impossibly cute gingerbread man decoration!! I am definitely one of cuteness and kitsch and it involved me doing lots of high pitched squealing!

What was Bad: Maybe the icing was a little sickly? Maybe… and also maybe there should have been more ginger in it…. But I am being incredibly picky!! Generally speak this muffin was delicious and I cannot wait to return for seconds!



2012-11-01 12.16.02

Apologies for the poor quality image!

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