Friday, 14 December 2012

Chocolate Chip Brioche Bread and Butter Pudding with Nutella®


Date: 14/12/12

Background: Basically, because I cannot get back to Rugby for Christmas Day, my parents decided to come up to Brum to visit, and to deliver and return presents for extended family, friends and loved ones. I cooked them a yummy Roast Chicken Dinner, and to accompany it, a very Winter Warming dessert. The general principle is from the delightful Mary Berry, but the additions and adjustments are my own Smile.

What: Chocolate Chip Brioche Bread and Butter Pudding with Nutella®


  • 6 Chocolate Chip Brioche buns2012-12-14 16.00.56
  • 2 tbsp. Nutella®
  • Handful/30g dried mixed fruit
  • 2 eggs
  • 600mls milk
  • Half tsp. Cinnamon
  • Butter for greasing
  • Ice cream/Cream to serve


  1. Pre heat oven to 200C, Gas Mark 5
  2. Grease a 10inch/Equivalent ovenproof dish with butter
  3. Slice each Brioche bun horizontally in half
  4. Melt the Nutella® in the microwave for 10secs to make it easy to spread
  5. Spread a thin layer of Nutella® onto each brioche bun half
  6. Layer the bun bases onto the bottom of the dish, Nutella® side up
  7. Top the bun bases with the Brioche tops, Nutella® side down, slightly off centre to the bases, so that all gaps to the dish are covered
  8. In between the layers and on top, scatter the mixed fruit2012-12-14 16.22.54
  9. Mix together the eggs and milk
  10. Pour the custard mixture over the Brioche buns
  11. Sprinkle the cinnamon of the top of the pudding and leave to stand for at least an hour to allow the bread to soak up some of the custard mixture
  12. Cook in the pre-heated oven for 40minutes, or until the pudding is golden on top, and the custard mixture is set completely
  13. Serve immediately with cream/ice cream

What was Good: Oh my days. It was so satisfying and warm! With the weather being anywhere between –4 and 6C, a cockle-warming dessert is just what the metaphorical doctor ordered! I am not normally a massive bread and butter fan, but with the flavour of the warm brioche, and melted Nutella®, oozing throughout the pudding, this was a definite winner for me. Served with the cold ice cream, the hot and cold combo was as always a box ticker in my eyes! The fruit was a bread and butter pudding must have, and because they had had around 2 hours to soak up the custard mixture, they had become plump and juicy. It was also surprisingly light, it was not overly cloy-y and it did not stick to my stomach lining like some traditional puds. I would happily make this dessert again, and I look forward to eating the cold left overs tomorrow!

What was Bad: There is something about the texture of a bread and butter pudding that does not float my boat… But the flavour of this particular confection made it a winner despite this!

Would I Make It Again?: Yes I would!



2012-12-14 16.09.15


Berry, M (2012) Mary Berry’s Complete Cookbook. 3rd ed. London: Covent Garden Books. P399

Sunday, 9 December 2012

Possibly the Gooiest Pudding in the World


Date: 8/12/12

Background: Two puddings in one day?! Oh dear…. Winter time is definitely upon us! Saying that, I am not going to pretend I haven't had 2 puddings on one day before.. But on the EVENING of seeing my lovely housies, we met up in the Bull Ring, Birmingham, with Emily to have a lovely quiet meal and a gossip! And to make me feel slightly better, me and Louise did share it… Which is both a blessing and a curse (a curse because part of me wanted to grab it out of her hands and devour it like a ravenous pit bull)!

What: Chocolate Chip Hot Cookie Dough Dessert

Where: Pizza Hut, Bull Ring, Birmingham

How Much?: £2.95

What was Good: EVERYTHING. Seriously, EVERYTHING! It was a superb, outstanding, decadent, tremendous, stupendous combination of molten hot oozy gooey chocolate chip cookie dough, with an ice cold scoop of vanilla ice cream sat in the centre, crowing the pudding with its chilly glory, all drizzled in a chocolaty chocolate sauce. What about that sounds bad to you?! NONE OF IT, THAT IS WHAT! It was possibly the most soul satisfying and naughty but oh so nice pudding there is. A solid pudding that is practically liquid, yet chewy where the dough had began to set, combined with an equally solid yet liquid ice cream and sauce from the heat of the dough is a texture and taste sensation! You need to try this pudding for yourself!!

What was Bad: I cannot fault this pudding. Apart from the fact I want more. Daily.

Would I Buy It Again?: Yes! I would go and buy it now if it was not 9pm at night. But I also am desperate to try the other flavours, Raspberry and White Chocolate, and Banoffee!



2012-12-08 20.41.04

When in Worcester… Eat Orange and Almond Cake?


Date: 8/12/12

Background: Since me and my housemates departed in June, we have spent far too little time together due to our very busy schedules, all across the country now! So coming close to Christmas we decided it was about time we saw each other! We headed to Worcester in the morning to see our Sarah, and went for coffee and cake in a quaint little coffee shop.

What: Orange and Almond Cake

Where: The Boston Tea Party Coffee Shop, Worcester

How Much?: £2.50

What was Good: It was lovely and moist, as you would expect from a cake with ground almonds. Ground almonds are an amazing ingredients really, because you are able to make a delicious cake, which in theory could be gluten free! But I like it most for the texture and consistency, light and moist. The flavour was really delicate really, not zesty and strong like some orange cakes, but there was definitely a citrusy presence. On top of the cake was a layer of toasted sliced almonds, which also added a nice nutty depth and crunch to the whole cake.

And the Coffee Shop itself was really quirky, with mismatched vintage/2nd hand chairs, tarnished old chairs and tables, funny and bizarre decorations, and a really nice selection of drinks, cakes, pastries and main meals, which looked really homely and welcoming!

What was Bad: HOWEVER, I was somewhat disappointed by this cake for two reasons. One was that the burnished edges of the cake tasted burnt, and burnt cake tastes bitter, which really spoilt the overall taste. Secondly, the topping of the cake, above the layer of sliced almonds, was a really strange jelly kind of chewy, tacky, substance which tasted like marmalade. It was very sickly, and had the texture of a firmly set Turkish delight. I do not like Turkish delight, and I definitely did not like this strange accompaniment! Very disappointing Boston Tea Party!

Would I Buy It Again?: No, for the reason that I really did not like the random chewy orangeness!


2012-12-08 12.44.10

Thursday, 6 December 2012

McFlurry® Mini Moment of the Month {THREE}


No I’m not chatting about Mini McFlurry’s®, although I kind of feel they would take off! I am going to try the promotional Limited Edition McFlurry® from Maccy-to-the-D’s (McDonalds®…) every month and give a mini review about it! Prepare to be emersed in Registered Trade Mark symbols!2012-12-02 17.40.26

The delicious McFlurry® creation from Maccy’s this month is the very festive, Quality Street- Fudge! Open-mouthed smile How AMAZING does that sound?! Personally, one a cold Winter evening, around Christmas time, being sat in front of the TV, fire on, in my pyjamas, with a big tin of choccys by my side. And this is why Winter is most definitely my “fat” season.

So when I knew that the new icy treat had gone on sale, I had to have it!

Whilst home in Rugby me and my parents treated ourselves to the very much guilty-pleasure of a McDonald’s dinner, complete with a very cheap and reasonable pudding!

The McFlurry® itself consists of the traditional soft, creamy, whippy ice cream, with a rich chocolate sauce, and small nuggets of fudge sprinkled on and swirled within. My first impression was that the chocolate sauce was very smooth and tangy, reminding me of sticky chocolate fudge sauce. The fudge pieces were chewy, but had unfortunately done a little hard in the cold ice cream. But generally speaking, I thought this McFlurry® was very tasty! I would happily have this again! After all, anything must be better than the KitKat® variety!

Saturday, 1 December 2012

BBC Good Food Show: Winter LIVE!



I went to the Summer good food show in 2008/09 with my Grandparents. So now I am an official money earner as opposed to a stinking student lame-o I jumped on the 2012-12-01 11.55.38opportunity to go again! So with my first pay-check I bough myself a ticket to go, and with me came my Grandparents again, as well as my Auntie, Uncle and cousins, Abbie, Tom and Jordan.

What did we do?

We arrived dead on 09:00 for doors opening, and we instantly hit the stalls! Free samples of breads, crackers, cheeses, meat, sausage, wine, spirits and confectionary to name a few! How many miniscule cubes of cheese I ate today is completely unknown… But it was so so nice to be in one place with so many unique, niche and newcomer shops and businesses was really exciting! We got to sample new brands of product, new varieties and often new products entirely! Chocolate wine?! White chocolate whiskey?! Haggis, sea salt and cracked black pepper crisps?! Ever stall posed a new opportunity to taste something very exciting!

Not only were there stalls posing free samples of food and drink, but there were many demonstration stalls, advertising their kitchen utensils, gadgets, ovens, and experiences as well.

2012-12-01 09.44.14

The HIGHLIGHT of the day was getting to meet Paul Hollywood! YES! PAUL HOLLYWOOD! He was kind enough to sign my programme, and have his photo taken with me next to the Great British Bake Off theatre. If I had been there when Mary Berry was later that day I may have just passed out.

What did I buy?:

I spend my money on some exciting things. I bought some AMAZING looking brownies from a stall called “The Brownie Bar”, 4 for £6.50 which is probably very expensive, but I will let you know my verdict with a blog post later! I also bought a chocolate panetone (watch this space), a vintage butter knife for 2012-12-01 13.03.28my mum, an exciting Seychelles Yellow Curry and some toast-a-bags- cheese sandwiches will forever be easy from now on!

Would I go again?:

I have every intention of going to the Summer AND Winter Good Food Show Live’s in 2013!! Open-mouthed smile


  • Book early!
  • Make sure you get there early because around 12:00-13:00 it got MANICALLY busy and it was actually really quite difficult to move around and go to the different stalls without losing a limb or being nearly trampled.
  • Take your own shopping trolley! I do not care how “uncool” they can be, they save your arms when you buy allsorts of goodies and have to carry them round for 5 hours!
  • Shop around for the best product at the best price!

All images on this page are Copyright© of Amy Fellowes 01/12/12

Thursday, 29 November 2012

A Sizzling Cookies and Cream Ice Cream Sundae


Date: 29/11/12

Background: Stacey and I decided to make a trip to our “local”, The Yenton, because we love it so much there that on Four Square, Stacey is Mayor *looks impressed*. After dinner, we wanted an after dinner puddingy treat.

What: Cookies and Cream Ice Cream Sundae- Vanilla ice cream, with chunks of chocolate chip cookie, topped with whipped cream and drizzle with toffee sauce

Where: The Yenton, Sizzling Pub, Erdington

How Much: £3.49

What was Good: Stacey really was attracted to this dessert! The minute we sat down at the table the pudding menu caught her eye, and specifically a glowing image of this sundae beauty. So naturally when it came to choosing, I think the choice was already made! The toffee sauce was really thick and treacly- I feel as if I have tasted it before from another establishment… dot dot dot. The cookie pieces themselves were packed into the pudding, not just a scanty couple here and there. Also, for once, there was not TOO much whipped/squirty cream!

What was Bad: Personally, I did not think this was the best tasting pudding that there ever was. It was not extremely special and mind-blowing. The cookies were obviously pre-made pre-bought ones, and consequently they were dry with a hint of e-number for preserving and flavouring. It no way near as disappointing as the last pudding I have from a Sizzling Pub… But it just lacked that special something that I look for so often. It didn’t help that the ice cream had ice crystals again… Which really can ruin the texture and enjoyment of the whole dairy-fied desserty element… I also would recommend maybe using double chocolate chip cookies? Or something like a famous brand of dark chocolate American cookies with a vanilla cream filling? That is what springs to mind when I hear cookies and cream… And make it cheaper definately!!

Would I Buy It Again: Me, probably not, but I think Stacey would!