Thursday, 29 November 2012

A Sizzling Cookies and Cream Ice Cream Sundae


Date: 29/11/12

Background: Stacey and I decided to make a trip to our “local”, The Yenton, because we love it so much there that on Four Square, Stacey is Mayor *looks impressed*. After dinner, we wanted an after dinner puddingy treat.

What: Cookies and Cream Ice Cream Sundae- Vanilla ice cream, with chunks of chocolate chip cookie, topped with whipped cream and drizzle with toffee sauce

Where: The Yenton, Sizzling Pub, Erdington

How Much: £3.49

What was Good: Stacey really was attracted to this dessert! The minute we sat down at the table the pudding menu caught her eye, and specifically a glowing image of this sundae beauty. So naturally when it came to choosing, I think the choice was already made! The toffee sauce was really thick and treacly- I feel as if I have tasted it before from another establishment… dot dot dot. The cookie pieces themselves were packed into the pudding, not just a scanty couple here and there. Also, for once, there was not TOO much whipped/squirty cream!

What was Bad: Personally, I did not think this was the best tasting pudding that there ever was. It was not extremely special and mind-blowing. The cookies were obviously pre-made pre-bought ones, and consequently they were dry with a hint of e-number for preserving and flavouring. It no way near as disappointing as the last pudding I have from a Sizzling Pub… But it just lacked that special something that I look for so often. It didn’t help that the ice cream had ice crystals again… Which really can ruin the texture and enjoyment of the whole dairy-fied desserty element… I also would recommend maybe using double chocolate chip cookies? Or something like a famous brand of dark chocolate American cookies with a vanilla cream filling? That is what springs to mind when I hear cookies and cream… And make it cheaper definately!!

Would I Buy It Again: Me, probably not, but I think Stacey would!





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