Saturday, 10 November 2012

I Vote Sweden! well.. IKEA


Date: 8/11/12

Background: Me, my ball and chain and housey decided to go to IKEA in Wednesbury (a.k.a. The Swedish Aladdin’s Cave)20121108_190743. We went to the Cafe, and I had this little tray of IKEA specials! Meatballs with fries, and this yummy pudding!

What: Swedish Croquant Cake

How Much?: £1.85 I think (for a slice)

What was Good: It was a bit like Daim cake! (Where the flagnog has that gone!? I swear it used to be branded by “Almondy”) But it has some kind of whipped white cream/meringue under the tasty chocolate crust. The cake itself 2012-11-08 21.05.16is so delicious and soft! It has a very soft, crumbly, whole wheat-y spongy texture, it is gluten free, but I do not know how it is made! I literally do not have the foggiest what ingredients are in this or what the layered components are! But I love it and it is one of the high lights of coming to this fantabulous superstore! You can buy this in the IKEA food shop also, which sadly I did not do… [see left]

What was Bad: I suppose you are not metaphorically punched in the face with flavour… Which does sound a bit painful to be honest… But it was probably more on the bland side… It is certainly more… fragrant than flavoured! But it is so unique to IKEA I certainly do not want them to change it.




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