Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Costa Coffee.. Don’t Do This To Me!


Date: 27/11/12

Background: A LOOOOOOOOOOOONG day was spent doing mandatory training at work.. A very long day indeed. But, my lovely Stacey agreed to pick me up afterwards. So whilst waiting for her to finish, I went to the Costa Coffee at QEHB. As I am sure you are aware by now, I am determined to work my way through their pudding menu!

What: Honeycomb Crunch- Biscuity tiffin style-esque bar with a layer of milk chocolate, with honeycomb pieces

Where: Costa Coffee, QEHB

How Much?: £1.85

What was Good: It looked really nice. If you remember from my homemade mug cake, I decorated with crushed sprinklings of Crunchie®. This is because I absolutely adore honeycomb!! The texture, the colour, the sweetness, I just really really like it! So naturally the sound of this festive, sparkly pudding really appealed. I like the texture, the consistency reminded me very much of tiffin, you know almost Rocky Road-y? But without the fruit.. or marshmallows.. But, not quite a cake, but not quite a biscuit texture? It was lovely and soft but also very crumbly, and substantial, not light, but definitely not solid and cloy-ey. And generally speaking, I liked the honeycomb bits in it! I also really liked the combination of solid chocolate layer on top, paired with the soft, crumbly texture of the base.

What was Bad: However, it was totally lacking in flavour!!! They could have made it really decadent with an intense cocoa flavour, but they just did not fulfil this fantasy at all! It was sweet, but that was it really. Yes it feels rustic and homemade, but it had all the flavourful excitement of a boring pre packed treat…. Disappointing and sickly!!

Would I have it again?: No, I wouldn’t. I have yet to find a pud that lives up to the Gingerbread Muffin of Costa’s legacy



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