Sunday, 28 October 2012

McFlurry® Mini Moment of the Month {TWO}


No I’m not chatting about Mini McFlurry’s®, although I kind of feel they would take off! I am going to try the promotional Limited Edition McFlurry® from Maccy-to-the-D’s (McDonalds®…) every month and give a mini review about it! Prepare to be emersed in Registered Trade Mark symbols!2012-10-27 15.48.13

The new promotional McFlurry® at Maccy’s this time is Nestle KitKat®! For those that do not know a normal KitKat® is 2 wafer fingers covered in milk chocolate. A KitKat-McFlurry® consists of nuggets of the wafer-chocolateyness covered in milk chocolate scattered within the icecream and swirled with Nestle chocolate sauce.

I cannot say I did a screech of joy when I heard that this was the promotional McFlurry®… Mainly because I am not a massive KitKat® fan really. Don’t me wrong, I am often partial to a KitKatChunky- Peanut Butter® every now and again! But the thought of bits of boring wafer floating wrong in cold ice cream did not fill me with anticipation and longing.

And… To be honest… I was about right. Chocolate goes hard in ice cream!!! And this was no exception!! And when that happens I 2012-10-27 15.48.37instantly lose interest. If I have to work my nashers to munch on cold chocolate I am somewhat less than amused. And to be fair, the chocolate sauce was not much to write home about either. Maybe this could have been helped if it looked a bit more appetising.. who knows. For £1.39 what do you expect, I suppose…

Needless to say I will not be purchasing this cheap-sweet-treat again! Give me a Cadbury’s Crunchie® McFlurry® anyday!!

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