Thursday, 11 October 2012

Where in the WORLD can you get the best pudding?!


I have been thinking about this a lot recently. After my somewhat disappointing trip to Majorca, I began to wonder, where in the WORLD can you get the best pudding??? I mean the one759px-Baked_cheesecake_with_raspberries_and_blueberriess which spring to mind to me are;

America- decadent deep baked cheesecakes, gooey soft rich chocolate brownies, millions of varieties of cookies, and of course the age old saying “As American as Apple Pie!”.

Italy- Gelato in a vast array of flavours, meringues (assuming the Italian meringue was originated in Italy), Panna Cotta and the infamous Tiramisù

The United Kingdom- OF COURSE we are in the running for best pudding! We have so many regional specialities I think it would be criminal for the UK to not get some kind of recognition! Bakewell Tarts, Cornish Cream Teas, Sticky Toffee Pudding, Lardy Cake, Eton Mess, Bara Brith, The Queen of Puddings.. the list is simply endless

France- I don’t know about you, but wh250px-Cream_puff_Spivacken I think of French cuisine, one of the first pictures I get in my mind is that off those spectacular, picture-perfect, stupendously detailed tarts, filled with fruit and crème patissiere (as seen on The Great British Bake Off), as well as Gateaux's, elegant pastries, light-as-air Soufflé's, Crepes oozing with fillings, but also delicate petit fours, which you may remember my experience of from a previous blog- Posh Puds. Yes French Puddings are show stopping in themselves, and add a real class and elegance I Aleppo_baklava1believe.

BUT THEN, you also have the elegant fruited Pavlova from Australia/New Zealand, sweet, sticky and nutty Baklava from Turkey, fried golden cinnamony Churros from Spain,  Gulub Jaman from India and of course how can I possibly leave out Belgian waffles from Belgium!?

This is of course a non extensive list, but this is where YOU my lovely reader comes in (whoever and wherever you may be) I want YOUR contribution! I want you to vote on the best Country that is the birth place in your opinion to the best pudding! Please vote in my poll to the right of this post, and if you are feeling particularly wonderful (which I am sure you are) Please go to my facebook page at Did Somebody Say Pudding? and write some comments as to why that country makes the best pudding, and what pudding that is, if you can be that specific.

I will make a pudding from the winning country and hopefully get to try some delicious dessertables that I haven't tried before. I am excited! Open-mouthed smile

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