Thursday, 18 October 2012

I Vote USA!- Frankie and Benny’s Version


Date: 15/10/12

Background: I want to say it was in the name of trying food from different “countries” aka research… But realistically it is because Frankie and Benny’s are 20121015_181544AMAZING and they do like super-awesome food, especially pudding! Thus, Monday Madness (20% off your bill!) it was for Stacey and I!

For those that do not know of Frankie and Benny’s it is an American themed restaurant chain, specialising in American-Italian cuisine! They do a delicious range of pasta dishes, calzone, burgers and other classics, as well as spectacular array of puddings, sundaes, crumbles and waffley-pancakey deliciousness.

What: Sticky Toffee Pancakes

Where: Frankie and Benny’s

How Much?: We chose off the ‘Specials Menu’ and so it was £10.95 for two courses! (+Monday Madness 20% off!)

What was Good: Oh My Goodness!!!! American pancakes are simply divine! They are like mini sweet soft sponges! They soaked up all the river of sweet toffee sauce and so when you bit into the pancake the sauciness in them oozed out into your tongue. Topping these were lovely little honeycomb-chocolate nuggets, so they began to melt slightly, softening them and yet they still remained crunchy. To compliment the warm cakes-of-pan, sandwiched between them was a scoop of vanilla ice-cream. ONCE AGAIN. Warm pudding, cold ice cream WINNING. And even more winning is Frankie and Benny’s!!

20121015_183716What was Bad: I suppose, compared to the waffle pudding which I reviewed from F & B before, and consequently Stacey also had for her pudding because she missed it that much, the pancakes sadly were slightly soggier…. BUT this was not really a negative as such. I just think that the texture of the waffle supported the sauce and ice cream for longer than the pancake could. I still want to eat these again though!!!




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