Thursday, 4 October 2012

Who Knew Garden Centre's Were Hiding Such Marvels?

Date: 4/10/12

Background: Spending some time in Rugby with my Mumsy and G'rents- Mum wanted to go to a garden centre. So destination Bloom's!

How Much?: £2.95

What was Good: It was so homely looking! It could quite easily have been sat in a tin on my Grandma's kitchen work top on a Sunday afternoon! The top of the cake was decorated with what appeared to be glazed rings of dried apple. The cake itself was golden in colour and was sat proud in it's glass display, just waiting to be devoured.
The texture was crumbly, yet moist, not cloggy or stodgy, and was light enough to make eating the whole slice a delight, not a challenge. This was complimented by the sultana's within the cake. The flavour was very delicate actually, with an initial hit of spice from the mixed spice and cinnamon, and with an after-note of apple. This spiciness was partnered with the lovely filling, could it be cinnamon butter-cream? Or could it be a cinnamon flavoured cream cheese frosting? Regardless of what it was it was lovely, not too much and so did not make the pudding too sickly.
All in all, this was a beautiful cake! I would happily eat this again! Maybe I will start going to garden centres more often?

What was Bad: The only criticism would be the apple slices on the top of the cake. They were a bit too chewy and that is what made me think they were dried apple slices. I may be wrong but maybe fresh apple slices would be better? Other than that, I want more!



2012-10-04 15.52.53

Keep you eyes peeled (get it Smile with tongue out) for my next blog about my HOMEMADE Nigelissima Breakfast Banana Bread!

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