Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Hola Chicas/Chicos!

I am back in the sunny, warm, fragrant country that is England after spending a week (7 nights) with my fl8ies in Majorca! I have had severe blog withdrawal symptoms…
We were staying in the lovely hotel that is the Hi! Bouganvilla ApartHotel in Sa Coma, Majorca, a massive 600 room family hotel comprising of studios and apartments, whereby we enjoyed 5 swimming pools, 2 restaurants, 2 bars and an all inclusive breakfast, lunch and dinner buffet!
Pudding wise, the holiday was a real mixed bag. The BEST puddingy aspect was the most amazing caberet act of The Sundaes, 3 hilariously delicious ladies- Vanilla, Strawberry and Chocolate who entertained us the whole evening with the music selection that only a misery guts could resist singing along to! You may even remember them from Britain’s Got Talent 2012? 
Sadly, the rest of the holiday failed to deliver on the pudding front… If you have watched Peter Kay you may remember his joke about being at a party and having the ‘Scooby Doo’ effect of voulevants, quiche, chicken legs, voulevants, quiche, chicken legs… etc. Well disappointingly at the Bougenvilla, it went a little like, generic mousse cake, generic blamonge, generic fruity pastry concoction, generic mousse cake, generic blamonge, generic fruity pastry concoction.. but this was repeated on a daily basis… without fail.. with little variation. Usually with some tinned fruit cocktail on the side, and pots of ice cream that are gone in one teaspoon full!
But those puddings sound amazing, I hear you cry. But I am afraid the distinct lack of flavour and unusual texture combinations, not to mention the repetitiveness of it all, meant that although it always LOOKED nice, it certainly didn’t live up to my eatible expectations.
I may sound very ungrateful, and trust me, the food itself minus pudding was a winner, there was so much choice and it was so exciting each day waiting to see what will be on the menu for us to choose (a WIIIDE selection of combinations) of. But when a pudding-obsessive like myself goes on holiday, I would love and adore some tantalising gastronomic extravaganza to happen on my plate! I am ashamed to admit that on more than 1 occasion I went without pudding altogether!
We celebrated my friend Emily's 21st Birthday whilst on holiday. So I made a makeshift birthday pudding platter for her so that we could be really embaressing and sing happy birthday. This is another example of the hotel's food looking pretty! It consisted of generic pastry fruit concoction, generic sponge cake, watermelon triangles, grapes and pink grapefruit segments! Emily liked it anyway! :D
On our last ever day, my friend Louise and I did have a deliciously decadent and long awaited ice cream from Restaurante El Sol, by the beach in Sa Coma. Two scoops of ice cream (I indulged in Dulche de Leche and Chocolate) for 2,50€ was money well spent in my opinion! Oh yeah and we ate it on a hired 4 wheeled bike!
So please do not let my pudding snob ways deter you from choosing the Hi! Bouganvilla ApartHotel as your holiday destination in 2013, they gave us one of the most memorable weeks of our lives when we stayed there!

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