Saturday, 13 October 2012

“Happy Anniversary To You..” is that even a song?


Happy Anniversary To You, Happy Anniversary To You.. No it is not a song, but when your grandparents are presented with a(beautiful) cake with candles to celebrate their Golden Wedding Anniversary (50 blinking years! That is half a century! More than double my age!") What song are you supposed to sing?2012-10-13 21.47.16

My wonderful grandparents are the centre of our family (my maternal family anyway). It is quite emotional to think that absolutely none of us would be sat there if it wasn’t for them. They have been a couple for over 50 years, and in their time together they have lived in 3 houses, birthed 3 children, who have consequently gone on to all marry and have 6 grandchildren between them, and to top that off, they are “Great-greats” to 2 great-grandchildren (my beautiful nephews).

So to celebrate this, as my Grandma did not want a ‘big fuss’- despite them both more than deserving one- they both paid for us all as a family to go out for a meal at a fantabulous carvery restaurant in Dunchurch, Rugby- The Huntsman.2012-10-13 21.24.58

My A.A. (Auntie Andrea) works there you see, and has done since before I was born, and and so this is a lovely place to go if we have have a family meal because the atmosphere is always lovely and light, and the food itself is delicious!

So after a scrummy starter, and generous, tender, superbly cooked carvery dinner, we all enjoyed tucking in to one of a tasty choice of puds.

I was a bit too full for my usual choice, Mississippi Mud Pie? Coffee Panna Cotta? Warm Chocolate Brownie? Crème Brule?…. all a bit warm and stickily filling after such an extravagant meal, so I had homemade soft dairy ice-cream, and hot fudge sauce. My, my, my, after all my years of coming to the

Huntsman Carvery, I never get disappointed by that pudding. That hot fudge sauce has a flavour like no other! Sweet, but not to2012-10-13 21.24.27o sweet, bitter, but very tasty, chewy but smooth, and it combines so well with that substantial soft, silky, dense ice-cream perfection. I swear, if I could have a constant supply of this ice-cream and sauce I would be a happy happy person! FYI, as you can probably see from the picture, Hot Fudge is not the only flavour they do! Toffee, Chocolate, Strawberry, Butterscotch, Raspberry… and the list goes on, AAAAND you have the option of fluffy whipped cream and chopped nuts!

2012-10-13 21.50.41

And if that still isn’t enough then they EVEN do take-away!!! Open-mouthed smile My brother being the delicate flower that he is decided to take away is homemade Warm Chocolate Fudge Brownie with chocolate sauce!

So for a fantastic evening, with absolutely second to none company, all accompanied by food that tastes even better than it looks, I would definately give it 5 waffles!


And a final word, see that stunning professional looking anniversary cake? My cousin Abs, who is studying catering at Rugby college decorated that. Very proud of her Smile

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