Sunday, 7 October 2012



First thing’s first, I know this is not pudding, but I couldn’t quite contain my excitement. I was shopping in Asda today and gazed my bored hating-the-public eyes over these WONDERFUL nuggets of happiness!

Do any of my lovely readers remember these!? I was literally thi2012-10-07 14.24.57nking about them only the other week because as a child I <3 these!!!

According to Wikipedia (Oracle/Guru/Only-encyclopedia-you-will-ever-need) They were first launched in 1991, discontinued, and then relaunched in 2004. They were only re-re-launched again in August of this year!


For those that do not know, Vice Versas are sort of “Minstrel” like in comparison. There are white chocolate centres with dark chocolate shells, and literally vice-versa dark chocolate centres with white chocolate shells!

If I am honest, they do NOT taste the same. One of those, “I remember these being much better”. BUT the fact is, they are back!! I just wonder how long they will be back for?

Dear readers, what “retro” or long gone sweets/chocolate/candy would you bring back?

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