Sunday, 23 September 2012

McFlurry® Mini Moment of the Month


No I’m not chatting about Mini McFlurry’s®, although I kind of feel they would take off! I am going to try the promotional Limited Edition McFlurry® from Maccy-to-the-D’s (McDonalds®…) every month and give a mini review about it!

The promotional McFlurry® of the moment is Flake with Chocolate/Raspberry Sauce. I chose the Chocolate Sauce variety, as raspberry and milk chocolate would not be the first combination I would ordinarily choose.

I actually really liked it! Sometimes if there are solid chocolate pieces with the ice cream they can get really hard, but the flake pieces didn’t! Probably due to their texture. And the chocolate sauce had a really nice flavour to it, which 2012-09-23 17.28.21dark but not bitter, but definitely not too sweet.

As per, Maccy’s ice cream was lovely and I love the Mr Whippy-esque softness and creaminess of it. So all in all, definitely give the promotional Flake McFlurry® a go, because for £1.39 you won’t be disappointed!


Now this random employee is happy in her job!

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