Thursday, 20 September 2012

It feels so naughty… And tempting!

2012-09-16 17.06.46

Look, just look at what is hiding in my fridge as we speak. My favourite [hint] housemate Amy has made what can only be described as her devilishly decadent signature white chocolate cheesecake. Trust me, if I was not on a night shift I would probably be sat in front of the the television with this beast and a spoon right now! Well I wouldn’t… only because she would probably not appreciate the fruits of her labour being consumed a) without her and b) not in the name of its designed purpose.

Tomorrow (Friday) we are having an epic gathering of our friends to celebrate passing our course and all becoming qualified midwives! There will be champagne, fajitas and the piece de resistance Amy’s Sticky Toffee and White Chocolate Cheesecake! Has there ever been a sweeter, more heavenly sounding dessert in existence? I doubt it!

So to tease you all I am allowing you a sneak peak, a naughty glance into my chilled white room of happiness (as opposed to red room of pain- for you 50 shaders out there) to leaving you wanting more. I will of course be reviewing it post-cheesecake tomorrow, probably with a warm fuzzy food baby, to tempt you even more into wishing you lived in a house with THIS as a resident! Hooray for cheesecake!

2012-09-21 09.47.34fgh

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