Saturday, 15 September 2012

Starbucks Do It Better- With Stars!


When: 15/9/12

Background: Me and Stacey had a nice chillaxed day at the Bullring, Birmingham, and fulfilled our need for good pud by snacking in Starbucks there!

What: Velvet Chocolate Cake

How Much?: £2.50

What was Good: It was really pretty! This seems to be a common theme within my pudding-blog. But for goodness sake this cake has stars on! I mean actual stars! Sparkly, lovely stars. And it looked so so decadent! Me and Stacey had a very hard decision as to what piece of cake we were going to share. What is this I hear you holler? SHARE?! Since when do I SHARE cake?! On this occasion I was willing to make an exception! Mainly because Starbucks is quite expensive. If I am honest, one of the reasons that I chose this cake over any other, was that I really wanted to give the mystical chocolate fudge cake a chance to redeem itself after yesterdays unhappiness in the Sizzling Pub. This particular dessert did not wow me or knock me on the floor taste wise. The cake and firm frosting were tasty, but were more sweet than chocolaty. I would have loved it so be soft and moist with a rich cocoa flavour. If I am honest it did not match up to that.. But it was DEFINATELY better than yesterday’s poor excuse, and it was lovely to review a pudding with the co-founder of my blog! Open-mouthed smile

What was Bad: It was dry. Not so dry as if it had been sat out for days on end dehydrating, but it did not taste as fresh as it could of. This is the mistake I think made when a cafe pre cuts slices of cake. As physics demonstrates, if the surface area is bigger, with more cut sides, then there is more room for evaporation to occur! The frosting itself was tasty, but was more firm than anticipated, so much so that I worried that cutting into it with the (plastic) fork would actually break it! All in all, I definitely think I need to expand my future pudding pool to probably exclude Chocolate Fudge Cake. Too much disappointment now!





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