Saturday, 15 September 2012

Dare I admit a “Sizzling” Pub let me down?


When: 14/9/12

Background: Me, Charlotte and Amy decided to go for noms at the Amber Tavern, Birmingham. Sizzling Pubs normally hit the spot!

What: Chocolate Fudge Sundae- chocolate fudge cake, vanilla ice cream, whipped cream, a drizzling of chocolate sauce and chocolate bits.

How much?: £2.99

What was good: The age old- Chocolate Fudge Cake! It must be good! Right? Usually, well you have seen my previous blog posts!- I am all over Chocolate Fudge Cake based puddings like cheese chunks in a pineapple hedgehog! It was one of the cheaper puds, which also ticked a happiness box in my mind, because if a pudding is cheap then it is even more justifiable! It was pretty to look at. There is something about those chalice’s that just makes you feel very indulgent and happy with life! Chalice does make it sound like that new Stella Cidre though… And of course it was lovely to spend time with two of my lovelies.

What was bad: It just did not set my pudding flame alight I am afraid… If I have said it once I have said it a trillion times, too much squirty cream can spoil a pudding!! It doesn’t particularly taste very nice and it is sickly! The ice cream was all icy and sad, with no flavour and upset my teeth. And the cake was stale, practically flavourless and was sat, moping dryly in the bottom of the chalice, the chalice that promised so much. And the cake wasn’t even warm!! As you can probably tell this angered me somewhat. To top it all off, the woman serving at the bar REALLY REALLY needs some lessons in customer service! Service with a smile, or at least service without a hateful grimace of loathing and misery wouldn’t go amiss!



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(Sorry about Poor Quality)

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