Thursday, 23 August 2012

Waffle-ically Stupendous Waffle

Date: 6/8/12

Where: Frankie & Benny’s “The Fort” Birmingham

What: Cinnamon Waffle Crunch

How much?: £4.75

What was Good: This is the “Gold Standard” of in our opinion, not just waffle puddings but puddings in general!  The HOT cinnamon waffle gently melts the vanilla ice cream and also slightly goo-efies the chocolate honeycomb pieces topping it all. The perfect thing about this dessert was that the ice cream complemented the waffle, not overtook it, and so the whole pudding stayed warm which we savoured every mouthful. The chocolate sauce also, along with the honeycomb pieces, meant that you got a lovely little chocolate hit, but is perfect for those that do not want to have a chocolate overload! We were literally speechless whilst eating this pudding!

What was Bad: The Service at the Fort was not up to the normal F & B standard, but OMG there was nothing wrong with this pudding at all!!! SERIOUSLY!



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