Friday, 24 August 2012

Posh Puds


Date: 1/8/12

Background: Basically, Stacey is a techno-genius, she has been involved with Samsung since 2010 and writes reviews of Samsung gadgets, and attends events as a representative for them, as well as blogging (plug plug and working as a “mobiler”. For all her hard work for them, Samsung were kind enough to give her and a companion *excited bobbing from me (Amy)* the amazing opportunity to stay in the Landmark Hotel, a prestigious 5* hotel near Marylebone Station, and attend lots of London 2012 Olympic events and other fun things. On our last night we were invited to a VERY posh dinner (haute cuisine… never experienced it before and probably never will again!) in the hotel, comprising of a posh starter, posh main course, posh pud and posh Petit Fours. This blog is obviously discussing the posh posh pudding we were given.


Where: The Landmark Hotel, London

What: “A Tasting of Berries” (Blueberry Bakewell Tart, Lemon and Raspberry Posset & Lime Iced Parfait)

How much? Luckily for us, FREE

What was Good: The presentation, as you can see from the picture, was absolutely amazing. The kind of which you only ever see in movies or on the tele! If looks were everything then this dessert would get 5 waffles! There was a nice theme, food with themes always appeals to us, it shows that lots of thought and effort has gone into creating the pudding, and this was very apparent. The taste was, nice, I wanted it to be absolutely astronomical, but sadly it was not. However, when you take everything into account, the location, the company, the entire experience, it will be something that we will personally always remember!

What was Bad: (Amy) I think that the posset did not have a favourable texture, and would have benefitted from sharper tartness from the Lemon! I cannot claim to be a lover of blueberries either which again did not help my tasting enjoyment.





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