Saturday, 25 August 2012

End of Holiday Scone


Date: 25/8/12

Background: End of holiday. Stopped at services with a Dobbies Garden Centre, naturally mother gravitated towards there like a moth to a flame, or like me (Amy) and Stacey towards a Belgian Waffle. I am ashamed to admit after accepting my parents kind offer of refreshment, I requested something more savoury- still emotionally scarred from the sickliness of yesterdays Muffin concoction. On return I was however presented with a Plain Scone with Jam and Butter. Alas, sometimes these things are destined to happen, like the Cake of Fate… You cannot escape what is meant to be and all that.

What: As mentioned, Plain Scone with Butter and Frank Coopers of Oxford Strawberry Extra Jam Conserve

How Much?: £1.70

What was Good: A nice freshly baked, homemade (or restaurant made) scone is often a winner, and this occasion was no exception. Being a (non intentional) garden centre connoisseur, Dobbies has never ceased to impress me with their scone-ability. They are big, with a nice crust, soft and cakey on the inside, but thankfully do not fall apart- the downfall of a lot of scones. Being a plain scone it was never going to hit me in the face with flavour, but it was a pleasant, and with the soft easily spreadable butter, and sweet seedy conserve (can someone please enlighten me as to what the difference is between a jam and a conserve?) it was sufficient to break the approaching hunger pangs and sustain me for the rest of the journey back to Rugby. Another good thing was that it did not give my teeth that bizarre “scone feeling”. Hard to explain but it feels almost as if, once I have eaten a scone that someone has put an invisible paste on the back of my front teeth and it is not an overly pleasant feeling. Regardless, todays scone did not give me this feeling! Oh and the cost (even though I did not pay) was very reasonable!

What was Bad: Given the choice I would have preferred a fruited scone, just because I really like the taste and texture that sultanas and raisins give, but I am not one to be ungrateful.  



2012-08-25 12.54.01

TIP: There is a 2 for 1 offer on all Scone’s with Jam and Cream, for £2.95 at the moment

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  1. And thanks to my good friend Juliana, I now know that a conserve is sweeter and does not need to be refrigerated!