Sunday, 18 August 2013

Pudding goodness. Involving Ice-cream Sundaes!


Date: 18/8/13

Background: Basically, there is this fit Fish and Chip restaurant in Henley-In-Arden. For those in the know it is called “The Finest Catch”. So my Sunday consisted of a lovely date with my lovely girl (Laura), and was treated to fishy’s chippy’s and this FIT ice cream sundae!

What: Hot Chocolate Fudge Sundae

How much?: £3.50

What was Good: For just £3.50 you get a whole heap of vanilla ice cream, absolutely covered in deliciously thick, sweet and decadent hot chocolate fudge sauce, and is topped off with a wafer and chocolate flake! You know me, give me an ice cream sundae and I am pretty dang happy. But fudge sauce is totally and blatantly my favourite sauce of all time. It is thick and sticky, and as it spends quality time with the cold ice cream it gets all chewified and even tastier than before. I was so happy sharing this dessert, I can definitely see why Laura has fallen in love with this place. After all I was pre-warned how sexy and delicious this Sundae was!!!

What was Bad: Errrrrm. Maybe something cakey could be added? To soak up the sauciness. Maybe. But that is just to make this pudding even more tempting than it already is!

Would I have it again?: Yes. I look forward to it Smile



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