Sunday, 15 September 2013

Starbucks on a Sunday


Date: 15/9/2013

Background: What is better than a lazy rainy Sunday than chatting with coffee and cake? Nothing, that’s what! Unless maybe we took away the rain?1369009_10151926712797774_1789672587_n

What: Cinnamon Swirl

How much?:  £2.50?

What was Good: For someone who is not normally a pastry person, this really caught my eye! With its topping of white smooth icing and golden flaky dough, I really wanted to eat it as soon as I saw it! What I love most about eating this delicious sweet bready delight, is getting to slowly unfurl it from itself, so you get the changing texture from firm yet chewy on the outside, to soft and light, melt-in-the-mouth in the middle. And the squidgy fruit and tangy orange cream cheese icing added to the great delight I gained from choosing this confection over my usual chocolate/muffin option.

What was Bad: I probably would have enjoyed a touch more cinnamon actually. But otherwise, next time I go to Starbucks, I will definitely be choosing a Cinnamon whirl again!

Would I have it again: See above. Yes I certainly would!





  1. That is not a Cinnamon swirl...BLASPHEMY!! That looks more like a Chelsea Bun with icing?!?!?!?! This confuses my brain!!!

    1. Joelle I kid you not, stroll into any Starbucks and your eyes are met with this! I KID YOU NOT. We will have to go one day and I can share with you the magic!!

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