Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Cousins Who Coffee


When: 5/3/13

Background: As I am sure my blog followers are aware I have not blogged in a long time due to weightwatchers! I have successfully so far lost +/- 9lb, but I must admit my points tracking has 20130305_122400severely fallen by the way side as of late! So with it being my birthday yesterday me and my cousin (Abbie aka the Catering Student Extraordinaire) went for coffee in Rugby.

What: Chocolate and Praline Tart

Where: Costa Coffee Shop, Rugby

What was Good: It looked really pretty! With its pale golden pastry case, filled with decadent and delicious looking chocolate praline filling, and golden nuggets adorning it. Plus it is one of the few goodies from Costa that I have not tried! So I thought “Why Not!” and had a piece along with a foamy hot flat white coffee. 

What was Bad: Its texture was really really strange!! The pastry was too crispy for my liking. It made my mouth feel funny! And flavour wise it was really quite boring! Chocolate Praline for me is like "Ferrero Roche” Nutty and sweet with a really chocolatey taste. But this tart was not like that. It was sticky and plain… Waste of pudding!

Would I Have It Again: No.. No I wouldn’t…




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