Sunday, 3 February 2013

Update. Severely lacking

Hello lovely followers. Its coming up for my 4th week of weightwatchers. *twitchy eye* Don't get me wrong it has been successful so for!  I have lost half a stone!  But I  admit I do feel a little deprived of pudding...

And guess what I subjected myself to last night?! I made a mahoosive Carrot Cake. But not just any old carrot cake.  THE carrot cake. That deliciously decadent Jamie Oliver creation. With lime mascarpone topping.  I wanted it so much.  But do I get to shut myself in a cupboard somewhere and eat it? Do I 'eck! It is a birthday present for many baker extraordinaire of a Grandma.  When she realises now many tastes went into this cake I am she she will appreciate it even more.

But this is pretty much the only indirect pudding I have been in  with... watch this space however for a review of some intriguing dessert CHOCOLATES I had the pleasure of consuming from Hotel Chocolat. I have my Stacey to thank for that.

So yeah. Severely lacking up date.  But don't lose faith.  Pudding shall return!

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