Thursday, 25 April 2013

Pudding is what it is all about


I know I have been more than useless in posting blogs as of late. It has been a little tricky! But BOY I have enjoyed some delicious treats recently! I still find I turn to pudding in times of stress! Because that feeling of a warm, comforting ball of happiness in your tummy is a very life affirming experience! Over exaggerating? Never!


THIS is a Cherry, Chocolate and Red Velvet cupcake. It was bittersweet, and soft, yet substantial, with a beautiful cherry flavour!

My friend Nikki made these, and quite frankly, I would happily eat them again!!!

Red velvet has really hit the pudding scene (if such a thing exists) lately, and I would be quite excited to try out the recipe myself!


ERMAGHERD! This was possibly the most deliciously decadent and stupendous Sticky Toffee Pudding known to man on this good earth.

We bought it from Lidl. YES! Lidl! Open-mouthed smile So not only was it incredibly cheap and cheerful. It was outstandingly delicious.

As me and my mother and father were sat eating this there was a hush of content silence within the room. An unspoken rule that this pudding requires out full, undivided attention. The treacle was thick and sticky, and the cake soft and moist. When served hot with vanilla ice cream, what more could you possibly need in life?


Picture this. King’s Heath’s very first Yum Yum Market. Set up in the centre of King’s Heath, Birmingham. An array of food stalls selling their goods, with queues across the square despite the weather. I saw a stall, this stall stood out to me immediately and grabbed my attention. Fresh Belgian Waffle!!!! Open-mouthed smile OH WOW! So yes, I did queue for around 20 mins. And yes they did give me a waiting time for my waffle of a further 20mins (this extended to nearer 40…) BUT I was so so excited for my ‘Half n Half’ Chocolate Cinnamon and Chocolate Brownie Belgian Waffle. If you remember my last German Market Belgian Waffle experience was simply divine, so needless to say my expectation was high.

Sadly I was disappointed. It was a bit stodgy, and as my friend Nikki said, I probably didn't give it long enough to “settle” lol. But if the queue were shorter, waiting time was less, then I would probably still return! The clawing seduction of pudding will always attract my attention!!!


DUN DUN DUN!!!! The return of the 5 Waffle pudding! And yes, another waffle. AND YES, It is the Frankie and Bennie’s Waffle for the very beginning.

I want to say it was as good as I remember. It was not. In fact it looked and tasted like a different pudding all together! Still a good 4 waffles obtained for this desserty goodness!

Certainly less disappointing than my King’s Heath Waffle Drama!





Considering how much I enjoyed writing my pudding blog before, and how successful it was, I really hope that this will be the start of my second wind of pudding blogs! After all, I am still in love with all things Pudding. And I would like to express this to my lovely and very loyal readers!!

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