Thursday, 6 December 2012

McFlurry® Mini Moment of the Month {THREE}


No I’m not chatting about Mini McFlurry’s®, although I kind of feel they would take off! I am going to try the promotional Limited Edition McFlurry® from Maccy-to-the-D’s (McDonalds®…) every month and give a mini review about it! Prepare to be emersed in Registered Trade Mark symbols!2012-12-02 17.40.26

The delicious McFlurry® creation from Maccy’s this month is the very festive, Quality Street- Fudge! Open-mouthed smile How AMAZING does that sound?! Personally, one a cold Winter evening, around Christmas time, being sat in front of the TV, fire on, in my pyjamas, with a big tin of choccys by my side. And this is why Winter is most definitely my “fat” season.

So when I knew that the new icy treat had gone on sale, I had to have it!

Whilst home in Rugby me and my parents treated ourselves to the very much guilty-pleasure of a McDonald’s dinner, complete with a very cheap and reasonable pudding!

The McFlurry® itself consists of the traditional soft, creamy, whippy ice cream, with a rich chocolate sauce, and small nuggets of fudge sprinkled on and swirled within. My first impression was that the chocolate sauce was very smooth and tangy, reminding me of sticky chocolate fudge sauce. The fudge pieces were chewy, but had unfortunately done a little hard in the cold ice cream. But generally speaking, I thought this McFlurry® was very tasty! I would happily have this again! After all, anything must be better than the KitKat® variety!

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