Sunday, 9 December 2012

Possibly the Gooiest Pudding in the World


Date: 8/12/12

Background: Two puddings in one day?! Oh dear…. Winter time is definitely upon us! Saying that, I am not going to pretend I haven't had 2 puddings on one day before.. But on the EVENING of seeing my lovely housies, we met up in the Bull Ring, Birmingham, with Emily to have a lovely quiet meal and a gossip! And to make me feel slightly better, me and Louise did share it… Which is both a blessing and a curse (a curse because part of me wanted to grab it out of her hands and devour it like a ravenous pit bull)!

What: Chocolate Chip Hot Cookie Dough Dessert

Where: Pizza Hut, Bull Ring, Birmingham

How Much?: £2.95

What was Good: EVERYTHING. Seriously, EVERYTHING! It was a superb, outstanding, decadent, tremendous, stupendous combination of molten hot oozy gooey chocolate chip cookie dough, with an ice cold scoop of vanilla ice cream sat in the centre, crowing the pudding with its chilly glory, all drizzled in a chocolaty chocolate sauce. What about that sounds bad to you?! NONE OF IT, THAT IS WHAT! It was possibly the most soul satisfying and naughty but oh so nice pudding there is. A solid pudding that is practically liquid, yet chewy where the dough had began to set, combined with an equally solid yet liquid ice cream and sauce from the heat of the dough is a texture and taste sensation! You need to try this pudding for yourself!!

What was Bad: I cannot fault this pudding. Apart from the fact I want more. Daily.

Would I Buy It Again?: Yes! I would go and buy it now if it was not 9pm at night. But I also am desperate to try the other flavours, Raspberry and White Chocolate, and Banoffee!



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