Saturday, 8 June 2013

Fallen Angel Bakery. Angels… In Cupcake Form…


My friend Sarah-Jayne and I had a date day in Solihull. A sunshiny day, free as a bird post night shift and enjoying the Saturday feeling, we came across “Fallen Angel Bakery”. Now up until today I thought that their only bakery was in Harborne (Birmingham) so I was very excited to learn otherwise!!

For those of you who have not had the joy and pleasure of visiting one of these wonderful establishments, the “Fallen Angel Bakery” serves a delicious variety of cupcakes, cakes and other sweet lovelies, in quaint quirky surroundings. And with so many different flavours of cupcakes to choose from, we were well and truly spoilt for choice!


Being spoilt for choice I asked the lovely Fallen Angel Purveyor to pick a cupcake for me to try, and she chose the special of the day, Dark Chocolate and Raspberry and Sarah-Jayne opted for the deliciously decadent Red Velvet Cake. I swear, there is something very angelic about these sweet, flavourful, cakey delights. I suppose that is why they call it the “Fallen Angel Bakery” *shocked face*.








I mean just look at these beautiful confectionary marvels! Who wouldn’t want a delicious Oreo cupcake? Or what about Vanilla, Rolo or Red Velvet! And this isn’t even the whole selection and variety available!

And to top it off, the staff there were so polite and friendly! It would seem in today’s day and age, particularly when you live in a big city, good customer service can be hard to come by. But Fallen Angel really surprised me.

So all in all, if you can spare some time to make a trip to the “Fallen Angel Bakery” it would be well worth your while!

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