Saturday, 11 May 2013

Possibly the Nicest Ice cream in the World


Date: 11/5/13

Background: When food shopping on Thursday (at good Ol’ Morrisons) I spotted this little beauty on an amazing offer! It had to be done!

What: Ben and Jerry’s® Core Blondie Brownie-

A soft salted caramel core surrounded by chocolate and vanilla ice creams with chocolate and blondie brownie pieces

How much?: £2.34 instead of £4.99!

What was Good: OH.MY.GOODNESS. This ice cream was simply divine! Double chocolate brownie ice cream from Ben and Jerry’s® is my favourite ice cream usually. So when I saw this but with the added variety of vanilla ice cream, blondie pieces and the sticky salted caramel core, I HAD to buy it. The chewy, rich, chocolaty brownie pieces were like little hidden treasures, and the thick semi solid ice cold ice cream was so creamy and decadent that it made every spoonful a treat in itself, a pivotal quality that Ben and Jerry® desserts have. The core of salted caramel sauce was the real speciality within this dessert. It set it apart from other “normal” Ben and Jerry’s ice creams, and it is the reason that I will look forward to the next time I buy a tub of this confection!

What was Bad: The blondie pieces were not as scrummy as the chocolate ones, but regardless they were still very tasty. I cannot think of another bad thing about this pudding. Other than the sheer calorificness of this tub of joy made me reluctant to eat the whole thing!

Would I buy it again? I cannot wait until I can buy it again! As long as it is still Better than Half Price!




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